art holds the key

art is awareness

Artmonkey is born out of passion for meaning, love for images and the need for simplicity and truth.

Behind every surface, there is reality. Art reflects the essentials behind the screen. Art makes one breathe and feel.

Art makes one consciouss of what really matters.

art is mindfulness

Colours and forms show themselves in a variety of objects, landscapes and creatures. Artmonkey loves being in the woods about what one sees. Decoding art is a way of life. It is slowing down, it is thinking, feeling, imagining and speculating, all at once. Art is mindfulness in the easiest and broadest way one can imagine.

art unites

Uniting people by sharing art is the main goal of artmonkey. The universal language of art brings people together. The power of art is  its collective memory. Sharing art is actually celebrating democracy.

Artmonkey invites you to enjoy together, to talk about art and to share your ideas.

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