artmonkey mickey

bright colours and abstract forms

Mickey is a Belgian artist who breathes colours. Her paintings reflect the way she sees the world. No object is what it seems to be. Every object is transformed into lines, forms, shinings and colours.

Sometimes it is clear which objects her paintings are referring to. But more often one can merely guess. A straycat becomes a canvas filled with confetti. At other times a landscape is a collection of colourfull triangles or circles. The sky can be blurred. The sea becomes rougher throughout the years.


The materials Mickey uses can be anything. Seaweed and shells, glue and cardboard, ... . Mickey's imagination cannot be stilled. She turns her hunger for what cannot be seen into magnificent, beautiful and always bright and glorious creations.


Mickey has painted all her mature life. She started painting at the Bilzen art academy at a difficult period in her life, as a kind of therapy. The tragedy of suicide and the family shame along with it were transformed into meaning, for the painter herself as well as for the near environment. Art made her understand and accept her brother's wish to die and suicide was no longer the pink elephant in the room.


Not long after she had started, art became a way of expressing not only the sad things in life. It took anly a few years before not only her own experiences but life as a whole became the object of her creations. Over time painting and sculpting became a passion in itself. 


Especially the joy of life is the object of Mickey's paintings. Art has become a meaning in itself, it is no longer a means to an end, it is the end itself. Her work of art and her optimistic nature both breathe the same happiness. One cannot look at a Mickey without feeling overjoyed and enthousiastic about... about what one cannot exactly tell, but it is defenitely a great feeling! Once again a feeling to share.


Artmonkey mickey invites you to enjoy and to share.


tentoonstelling van artmonkey mickey in Keramiekatelier De Kwekerij in Bilzen


Artmonkey Mickey stelt samen met andere kunstenaars tentoon in

Keramiekatelier De Kwekerij in Bilzen

nu zondag 18 november 2019

doorlopend open van 10 uur tot 18 uur

Schilderswerken en keramiek te koop


Artmonkey shows just one small part of mickey's artwork. Her abstracts and her earlier realistic paintings can be seen at her workplace in Bilzen.The atelier is an integrated part of mickey's house. The house is as abstract and as poetic as mickey's paintings. The front glass wall reflechts the artist's talent to see through the external reality to capture the truth behind all things. Her house is a creation by the international architect duo Bassam El-Okeily (Egypt-France) and Karla Menten (Belgium).